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TSTT takes Trinidad & Tobago into th…

TSTT takes Trinidad & Tobago into the digital transformation age

In a bold move to keep up with the global technological evolution,Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) under the guidance and leadership of CEO Dr. Ronald Walcott recently signed...

St. Vincent: Young Island Retains …….

St. Vincent: Young Island Retains …….

Private, romantic Young Island Resort in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has retained hospitality marketing specialists MP&A Digital & Advertising as its agency of record. The full-service marketing agency is charged...

Bolt to launch fifteen restaurants in UK

Bolt to launch fifteen restaurants in UK

Usain Bolt is set to open 15 restaurants in the UK serving classic Jamaican dishes and “burgers à la Usain”.

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Soca Music's Jade Lopez Resurfaces with …

Soca Music's Jade Lopez Resurfaces with Major Motivational Triumph

Persistence is a hell of a thing. One entertainer’s undying passion and his heritage have fueled what will likely be a long and prosperous career in music. Trinidad and Tobago’s Jade...

Ricky T and Jah Cure team up for “Freaky…

Ricky T and Jah Cure team up for “Freaky Girls” remix

It has been more than a year now that “Freaky Girls” from Saint Lucia’s Ricky T has dominated fetes, events and airwaves in all corners of the globe including the...

Nassy represents for Tobago Tourism with…

Nassy represents for Tobago Tourism with latest track

The brand new musical offering by budding artiste Nassy entitled “D Tourist” has become the latest viral sensation to come out of the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago....

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 15:49

Drive By Shooting in Jamaica …Gunmen on the run

Two men who were carrying out a Christmas road work project in Jamaica were today gunned down in a drive by shooting.

Reports are that the men were cutting down overgrown vegetation when five men drove up.

Parliamentary Representative for Marriaqua , the Hon. Girlyn Miguel, is St.Vincent and the Grenadines first woman Deputy Prime Minister.

THE Government of Jamaica is stlill tight-lipped about cables published by the anti-secrecy website, WikiLeaks, in which Cuba expressed frustration over what it said was a failure on the part of Jamaica to deal decisively with the grave issue of transnational drug trafficking.


(Check out the videos below)

She is only 9 years old and has a voice of a professional.


Many persons might have heard about Troydon ‘Blazer Dan’ Cruickshank; gone but will never be forgotten.

Well so strong was the late artiste’s impact on the music industry of Trinidad and Tobago that his spirit of determination and musical pride has manifested itself in his brother.


Valene Nedd......A name that rings in the ears of many who live in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Born in the Island of Trinidad her mother being Grenadian decided to pack up and head back to her country that would now be both her mum and two sisters home and later on now present her beautiful twin boy and girl.


Since capturing the hearts of Jamaicans as a child with the emotional Gospel track, 'I'll Give My Heart', Jodian Pantry has begun to solidify her reputation as a quality vocalist and high energy performer, in her bid to take her music worldwide.


(Listen below)

Kalid Walters was born in Canada on October 4th 1991, and raised in the Caribbean island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

He is an upcoming rapper who started writing songs at the tender age of 10.


(video below)


It pays to be positive... and that's just what Jason Mark Ricardo Outram, aka Ras Bash has been sharing through his songs and even in his personality.


(Videos below)

A young soca artiste who’s relatively unknown on the local and Caribbean entertainment circuit is proving that success lies in wait for those who want it most.

Already booked for ten major appearances during the upcoming Toronto, Caribana festival, Khiry Flemming- a former Synery Soca Star contestant in Trinidad and Tobago, is on his way to making a big impact.

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